Portland Mama’s Unite

One of the aspects of being a starting Little Pea that I love best is having the opportunity to meet new people.  Wether they are buyers, sourcing partners, fellow designers – my overall experience has been nothing but positive.  I have always found these meetings eye-opening and enjoy discussing the opportunities, challenges, and triumphs of my colleagues.  This week I had the opportunity to meet and chat with two awesome and fellow mamapreneurs.

Earlier in the week, I met with Britt Howard, a co-owner of Portland Garment Factory a locally owned and operated sourcing operation.  They offer design, pattern making, and sewing services and specifically work with designers seeking a more artisan approach to their collections.  What a great niche, as a start up business myself I see and understand the challenges smaller designers face in regards to production minimums and think Portland needs more of these type of sourcing outlets to help sustain our locally owned apparel businesses.  Kudos to Britt and her partner Rosemary!  From what I can tell the they seem to be on the up and up – and I can’t wait to see how their business matures.

I also had the pleasure of meeting with Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff a fellow Portland designer – her collection Petit Couture launched last year to a great response.  I throughly enjoyed chatting with her about the experiences she has had in launching her brand.  Having just recently launched Little Pea I definitely could relate to some of the challenges she has encountered.  I found her to be very much like her collection – fun, innovative, and extremely refreshing and am hoping we continue to meet up periodically to share war stories.

Best of luck to both of these fabulous women and I hope to collaborate with both of them in the future.


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