Back to work…

With the Thanksgiving holiday past, the reality of getting back to work has hit with a full blown fury.  It was nice to have a few days off but today I embark on yet another stage in the evolution of Little Pea.  First off, the production phase for the Spring Collection has officially begun.  Fabric and trim orders have been placed and production time booked at our fabulous sewing facility located here just outside “sunny” Portland.  🙂 I must admit having selected a locally based facility to produce the line is one of the best decisions I have made thus far.  Keeping production local has been beneficial in so many ways.  For starters, I am able to visit the factory pretty much at the drop of a hat.  When samples are complete or if we hit a design hiccup I can be reviewing the garments within 30 minutes (quick and efficient, I like it!!).  In addition, I am able to execute my own inline inspections which allows me to better control the quality and workmanship of the product.  Having spent over a decade sourcing overseas, I have had my fair share of products arrive at the DC with quality issues so being able to inspect the line myself was a must especially in these early days. Design and quality must go hand in hand.  In addition, sourcing here in the NW has provided me with the opportunity to support and meet other locally owned businesses. Portland, has been such a wonderful and welcoming place to start a company.  In so many ways I have been able to draw upon it’s extensive network of apparel, marketing, and design (just to name a few) companies and all have been more than willing to provide feedback in regards to my collection as well as share contacts.  By working locally, I feel like I am in a way giving back to the community while also doing my part in contributing to a greater collaborative effort.  Plus, who doesn’t want to support US based business, right?

In addition to the Spring production cycle, I am well into sampling for the Fall collection.  I can’t believe I am only a few months out from our next market date.  Little Pea will be showing at ENK in March  Hooray!!  So, the next few weeks are critical for me as I want to follow up our debut collection with an equally stunning Fall Collection.  I have previewed the prints with my reps and several colleagues to a great response and am really looking forward to seeing how the collection comes together.  In addition to the clothes, I am working on website enhancements, Fall marketing collateral, and promoting the Spring Collection.  Quite frankly, I am one busy mama but loving and learning every step of this crazy journer!  All exciting stuff, indeed – so check back as I will be posting more information as the season develops!!

Happy Monday!!


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