Hooray for Customer Service

As a consumer I am and always have been a stickler for customer service.  When choosing a restaurant, salon, retail establishment – I judge not only on the quality of the product or service provided but also on the overall customer experience.  I need to feel welcome, I expect a high lever of service wether I am purchasing a high end handbag or a tube of lip gloss.  For me, it’s not about the dollar amount but how the customer feels during and after the experience, will they come back?  With so much competition in the marketplace customer service is of the utmost importance.  Seriously, those Jimmy Choo’s I’ve been pining over can be found at several high end stores – but I can guarantee I already know who I would buy them from (a girl can dream, right?) and it is all based on positive customer experiences.

Now, that I to am a business owner, this concept holds all the more true as I am not only on the receiving end but must also live up to my own expectations on the provider side.   As I get deeper in to my selling cycle I see places where I can elevate customer satisfaction – and I have some great ideas on how to make the buying experience more personal, more pleasant, more memorable. The children’s market is saturated with fabulous brands, many that I myself support.  So how can I differentiate myself from the rest?  For one, I can keep keeping on and design the best possible product that I can, but on top of that I can really take the time to nurture my accounts, get to know them, understand their needs.  I also need to surround myself with like minded people.  Fortunately, I feel I am well on my way to building the strong foundations that I will need to allow Little Pea to grow and mature.  I have fabulous reps (you know who you are) and strong sourcing partners who believe in the brand and who all seem to uphold the same convictions in regards to customer service as I myself do.

Okay, okay I will get off my soap box (for now) and get back to work. 🙂

PS – Robin Mandelbaum if you are read this, thanks for the AWESOME customer service.  In my experience you went above and beyond my expectations.  Kudos!


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  1. Look what I found….YAY! You’re up and running. Congrats!

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