Buy Local!

I was first introduced to the 3/50 Project by a local Portland based retailer, Bambini Boutique and was instantly interested in the philosophy behind the project.  In a nutshell, the 3/50 Project encourages all consumers to direct $50 of their monthly spending to locally owned brick and mortar businesses.  So instead of buying a birthday gift and card from a big box retailer, head over to a locally owned boutique and pick up that something special while also helping to build revenue for independently owned businesses.  Easy, direct, and makes sense.

What I like about this philosophy is that it isn’t an all or nothing approach.  Don’t get me wrong, I try and patron locally owned businesses when I can.  Shopping at the Farmer’s Market, drinking Stumptown Coffee, buying children’s clothes and toys from local boutiques. (Just picked up some great items at Posh Boutique this past weekend.) However, a girl like me also loves her Jimmy Choo’s (well Nordstrom is based in the NW, does that count for shopping local?) and the ease of running by Target for a box Huggies.  So, the 3/50 philosophy works in terms of my shopping habits, as I think it does for the average consumer.

However, with this in mind I started thinking that it goes above and beyond the end consumer.  Honestly, a similar philosophy could apply for local retailers as well, right.  As many of you already know, the Little Pea Collection is produced locally in Portland and as I am approaching NW boutiques I feel this factor is one of the compelling reasons for these Portland based retailers to give Little Pea a try.  Although the collection has been well received in the NW, I would love, love, love to see Little Pea in more local boutiques.

In addition, this methodology could apply to all US based retailers as well.  In speaking to other brands that produce their lines domestically, the choice to do so is heavily based on the belief that domestic production is better for the environment, better for our economy, and in some ways better for the health and well being of our children.  That said, I will get off my soap box for today in the hopes that a few local boutiques or even US boutiques will read this post and head on over to the Little Pea website to check out our wares.  Lovingly crafted in the Portland, Oregon, USA!!!


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