The Wonders of Social Networking

Chances are if you are currently reading this post – you are a fan of Little Pea’s Facebook page or perhaps follow @LittlePeaTweets so I can only assume you are on the up and up in the realm of social networking.  A year ago, these concepts were relatively unknown to me (shock, gasp!). Of course, I had heard of them, dabbled with Facebook to stay in touch with friends but never really thought these outlets would become a part of my daily routine.  However, as I embarked on the all encompassing journey that is Little Pea I found that these tools were a necessary and extremely useful component of my marketing strategy.  Hence I dove right in – set up the accounts, daily updating, linking to press, posting current news, and befriending like minded businesses.  I can honestly say that under this regime the business has flourished.  Greater hits to the site, purchases on the online store, and the nurturing of business relationships.  All a gradual progression of course (it takes time and energy!!) but a successful one and I couldn’t be more excited about the business results.

The slightly unexpected result of entering the realm of virtual networking are the friendships and connections I have made.  You see, I have always been a people person.  In my past life (before Little Pea) part of what motivated me to go to work every morning was the interaction I had with other people.  I have always worked in sourcing and development for design and manufacturing companies. Creative environments, full of savvy, smart, and assertive individuals and I loved it.  I really, really loved it – my peers were often women, some became mentors, and many became friends.  I have seen these women progress in their careers, start businesses, get married, have children.  To this day, I still foster these relationships.

When I made the decision to start Little Pea, I severely underestimated how much I would miss those daily interactions.  You see, for me being a business owner is a little like being on an island.  I work from a home office, often just me and my computer, surrounded by sketches and fabric swatches and to be quite frank I miss having people around.  I miss the daily interaction and the immediate feedback you get from working in an office (with other people).  That is where Facebook and Twitter come into play.  I have been so fortunate to have befriended so many wonderful and talented people on these social networking platforms.  Many of the individuals who I have connected with, like me are business owners – we share experiences, provide feedback, and serve as each other cheerleaders.  At first, it was all about building the business, making the right connections but as I have gotten to know some of these individuals I strongly feel these “virtual” relationships become more than a business function.  I check out their fan pages and tweets, read their blog posts and do what I can to provide useful commentary, promote their successes, and provide general encouragement and support.  In using these platforms, I do feel I’ve reclaimed some of the social dynamic which I thought I had lost when starting my owne company.

So in closing, dear readers – am I totally off base in this?  How do you feel your personal life has been enriched by Facebook or Twitter.  I would love to hear your thoughts!!



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2 responses to “The Wonders of Social Networking

  1. Hi Sara.

    Great post and appreciated. I fully appreciate your sentiment as I, and I would venture to guess, most other entrepreneurs feel isolated as we all chase our biz dreams. I too miss the daily interaction of colleagues, but to be honest…I love the autonomy too. I’m making the decisions w/out the need for committee processing. For Petit Couture, I too use Facebook and Twitter a ton. I have both biz accounts and personal and it takes a lot of energy to manage it all on some days. But, I’ve made tremendous personal and professional contacts that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. And, quite honestly…I love ‘dropping by’ friends and colleagues FB pages to see what they’ve been up to as well as share successes and setbacks. It truly is a community and I personally love it. And, you know what? I would never have met you had www not been around :). Congrats to you Sara. Love what you’re doing w/ Little Pea. xo

    • Thanks for your comment! I to, love poking around colleagues FB pages it’s nice to share in their successes as well as share my own – and of course vent about set backs. I feel you on the autonomy though, nice to not have to check with 12 other people before making a final decision!

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