The realities of being a Mamapreneur

Hey folks, sorry for my lack of posting lately.  It’s been a pretty busy here at Little Pea central!!  I am pleased to announce that Little Pea has grown exponentially this season and will be adding 25+ new accounts this Fall.  Really, I am over the moon and couldn’t be more pleased with the response and momentum generated this year.  However, with this growth comes a hard dose of reality in what it takes to be a successful mamapreneur.

My intent when launching Little Pea had been to provide myself with an outlet for creative expression, a more flexible schedule so that i could be more available to my family, while at the same time an opportunity for financial gain doing something I love.  Easy, peasy – right?  Not so much.  In retrospect I can see where I was naive.  The initial stages of the development of Little Pea were pretty simple.  I was lucky to find sourcing partners relatively easily, one’s that I enjoy working with and that provide me with much needed flexibility. I love the design process and the development of my debut collection went smoothly and I was thrilled with the product.  Next step sales – yikes, here’s where it got a bit tricky.  All of a sudden I was thrust into a retail world where you need to be at the shows and have sales representation, ensure goods meet CPSIA requirements, vendor compliance, liability insurance, just to name a few.  My initial plan of make clothes, sell clothes, ship clothes went right out the window and I now find myself engaged in every aspect of the world of children’s apparel.  It’s enough to make a first time business owner’s head spin!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.  Despite the challenges, I love it and thrive off the excitement of the industry.  All the  items mentioned are growing pains, steps I must take in the development of my business.  However, what was originally a part time job is now a full time job (seriously I feel like I could work 24 hours a day) and with it I am juggling my roles of mother, wife, and entrepreneur.  As anyone who has started a business, I am sure you can attest that running a company is all encompassing.  Your company becomes your baby; something you nurture and protect.  You invest time, energy, and emotion into this idea/concept/product that you truly believe in.  I would be lying if I said that it didn’t feel personal and I find it hard to disengage, to draw the line in the sand between work and personal time.  Plus, technology, although convenient allows us to have email, faxes, internet at our fingertips at all times- it’s hard to step away.

For me, this is my challenge.  Learning to step away from the stress and pressure of my business and truly enjoy and engage in my “off” time.  I think finding this happy medium is the essence of what it takes to be a successful mamaprenuer.  Each and every day I take steps towards keeping this balance.  Learning and reminding myself to enjoy the simple pleasures of life (puddle jumping with my girl’s, baking cookies, blowing on dandelions).  For me, it’s a work in progress and one that I will continue to manage with the help of my much loved “monkeys”.

Thanks girl’s for teaching mommy to stop and smell the roses!


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