This and That….

So sorry folks for my lack of posting, it’s been a busy time for the Little Pea team!  With Fall production in full swing, we are feverishly preparing to ship the collection to retailers in late July.  I am bursting with excitement and have been busy prepping imagery, reviewing the Fall Look Book proofs, and doing general maintenance to the website so that we are ready for the Fall Launch in August!  So much to do and so little time left!

In addition, the first round of samples for the Spring 11 Collection is currently in review phase!  Yes, you read that right we are already working on pieces for next Spring and will be previewing the line to retailers at ENK in August!  Terra Fazio and her fabulous team over at Thread Showroom will have the collection in their booth. The collection is shaping up nicely and in addition to bringing back a few of our best sellers (in new fabrications of course) we have added a few new styles that fall perfectly into our mix and match concept!  Can’t wait to share pics with all of you but for now, I am keeping it all top secret.  🙂

I must admit, the process of developing and bringing the collection to market has been full of eye openers.  I will admit, it’s a whole lot harder than I anticipated.  I mean, let’s be honest here – between the start up challenges and daily operation it’s been darn hard!  I am sure any business owner can attest to this sentiment.  However, the hard work does pay off and with gumption and a little elbow grease the collection seems to be getting some footing and for that I am truly grateful.

In looking back on the last year, I see that the success of the brand is much in part to an extended network of wonderful individuals and I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people who have helped me get to this point!  First off my husband (thanks for putting up with me, xo!), 2nd my family and friends without their support their is no way I would have made it this far!!  Love you guys!  My awesome sales reps, thank you so much for all of your hard work and efforts!  You guys are awesome!  Last but not least, also want to send a shout out to all the bloggers, Tweeters, Face Bookers that follow the collection, review the line, and just create general buzz about the collection.  Thank you so very much for your continued support.  It’s all paying off, yah hoo and I am so happy that you are all along for the ride!

That said, I will leave you with a little sneak peak of the Fall collection (click the image to enlarge) which will be available in select boutiques nationwide and online beginning in August!




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  1. Yay! Sara. Love seeing the new Little Pea Collection. The fabrics and styles are gorgeous! Congratulations.

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