Housekeeping and Other Fun Stuff!

Yikes!  I just checked out my last post and realized it’s been over a month since I last posted.  Bad blogger!  In my defense I have been working day and night prepping the new Spring 11 Collection and over seeing the production of Fall.  That is a mouthful!  However, I am pleased as punch to say we are in the midst of shipping the Fall Collection.  Hooray!!  22 new accounts were booked last season and more orders are trickling in.  Double Hooray!!  That said, time for your “monthly” Little Pea updates.

First off I am pleased to announce a new addition to the Little Pea Family – our new sales rep Brittany Harrell of Summer Place Showroom in Atlanta!  After a great showing last season at the Atlanta Children’s World we decided that it was time to secure a full time sales rep in the SE!  Just last week, Brittany showed our Fall Collection at the Atlanta Gift Show and I can happily report that we booked a few new accounts in the territory.  Our big launch for Spring in the SE will happen at the Atlanta Children’s World Show August 26-30.  So if you are a buyer in the SE region please contact Brittany to schedule an appointment.  She operates a full time showroom in the America’s Mart and is happy to show the line at anytime!  Please join me in welcoming Brittany and her team!

I also wanted to bring some much deserved attention to my fabulous representation in NYC!  I cannot speak enough accolades for Terra Fazio and her team at the Thread Showroom. Thread took my little baby on last season and through their fantastic sales efforts the line has grown exponentially and I cannot thank them enough for their efforts last season.  Needless to say I cannot wait to see what they do with the line this season.  Thread Showroom will be debuting the new Spring 11 Collection as well as offering Fall Immediates at ENK August 1-3.  If you will be in attendance, please contact Thread for an appointment or just pop by their booth #2013 to say hello and peruse the wares!  I guarantee you will be blown away by the talent and impeccable stylings of their represented collections!

Last in the housekeeping department – our website.  I am in the process of making improvement to the website which will include a more interactive Look Book feature, video, updated press and where to buy.  We are super excited to see the site evolve and can’t wait to see the final product which should be live in August.  Along with the new site, we will be adding the Fall Collection to our retail store, and uploading video.  To stay up to date on the latest and greatest please “like” us on Facebook this is your go to for the most current information about the line.  Oh yes, and tell your friends as well – we love seeing our fan base grow!

Okay then, now for the fun stuff!  A preview of our Spring 11 Collection!!  Our most recent marketing piece is below.  In addition, there were just so many great pics from our Spring photo shoot that a mere flyer seemed unjust – so I put together a little video to showcase some of the looks from our Spring line.  I must admit, watching it always makes me smile and I hope that the happy little faces on my sweet little model’s wil also brighten your day.  You can view the video here.  Please take a peek I would love to hear your comments!!

All that said, Little Pea has been my most rewarding and the most difficult professional endeavor to date.  Over the last year I have ridden the ebbs and flows of the industry, made mistakes, had great successes, worked harder than I ever had before, made new friends, and over all had a damn good time!  I am so grateful to all of you for your continued support and hope you will continue to follow my journey.  Thanks again!




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