Bad Blogging!

Okay, so the post is not really about bad blogging, it’s more about my lack of blogging!  Yes, thought it would catch your attention though!  So sorry for this folks, all my attention has been focused on shipping out Fall orders and uploading Fall product into the online store which is now live – so head on over to check out the Fall line and pick up a few key pieces for back to school!

That said, time for your monthly Little Pea update.

With Fall shipments almost complete and Spring line handed over to sales that I have some time to sit back and reflect on the last 6 months.  Wow!  What a crazy 6 months it has been!  Between prepping the collections for market, styling photo shoots, creating marketing collateral, and over seeing my first large scale production (I produced over 100 pieces of 6 styles last season) so perhaps not huge by other people’s standards but big to me!  Looking back, I am very proud of what I have achieved and managed but I will admit it has not come without obstacles, hiccups, even anguish at times!  Starting a business from the ground up is HARD!  Yes, I spent 10 years in sourcing and production but working for national retailers vs running a small business is like night and day.  Without major bucks behind you, one must truly have their hands in all aspects of design and development, managing everything from the size of a button to marketing, to photography.  A jack of all trades for sure!  My husband is amazed at my technical abilities now vs 1 year ago!  However, with this hard work comes the gratification of seeing your business grow and take roots and for that I am truly grateful.  I am so thrilled with the product we produced and am so excited to be shipping retailers whom I have long admired for their impeccable assortments.  Little Skye Boutique, Arte Bebe, Chi Chi Bean, and Chasing Fireflies are a few of the new accounts we booked for Fall!  Seriously cool and I am anxiously awaiting feedback on how the line sells.  On pins and needles but excited none the less.

The Spring Line has also been well received since it’s debut at ENK in August with the greatest compliment being that retailers who picked up Fall have also bought the Spring line with orders doubling even tripling in size! Spring debuts in the SE next week at Atlanta Children’s World where our new representation Brittany Harrell of Summer Place Reps has been busy setting up appointments to show the line.  This season we decided to step away from the LA Market which was a tough decision but have plans on re-entry into this region in Fall 2011.  So, if you are a west coast retailer and looking for a chic and sophisticated option to play wear contact us directly!!

With the first major unveiling of the Spring line, we are also fielding retailer comments and addressing design concerns that were presented in August with updated pieces which will be available at the October show.  Got to love the fact that I manufacture the complete line in Wilsonville, OR 20 minutes south of Portland.  Awesome, as I can react and trouble shoot in a very short lead time.  We are also adding size 8 to the collection, another request from ENK and the Spring 11 line is now available in sizes 2T-8.  We love our customers and welcome their feedback!  So please, please, please send us a shout out if you have special requests or issues with any item in the line.  As a new brand I firmly believe it is crucial to listen to the comments and concerns of your accounts/customers.  So, feel free to shoot feedback my way!

Well, I think I have rattled on for long enough.  I just have so much to say plus I am catching up on a month of radio silence.  I know, bad blogger!

Take care you all and be sure to “like” us on Facebook or follow our Twitter feed @LittlePeaTweets to stay up to date on the latest collection news.




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