Worst Blogger – EVER!

Yikes!  I knew I had been neglecting the blog but wow, my last post was in September.  That must make me one of the worst bloggers, EVER hands down!  I will admit, I even had to reset my password after numerous failed attempts to access my account.  Boo, I know.

Anyhow, no need to dwell – I am back and my Pre-New Years Resolution will be to be…. Yep, you guessed it!  To blog more regularly, yahoo!  Were to start, as it has been 3+ months since my last post.  Well, to be fair I have been a busy little bee.

First off, Fall shipping went extremely well – and despite the economy I only had a few accounts bail on their orders.  It’s to be expected but I do wish said accounts (I won’t name any names) had been a little more forth coming as to why they did not bring in their merchandise.  I’m a small business as well- I get it and totally understand but never would I simply not return follow up calls.  Oh well, it’s done in the past and I am shrugging it off.  Good of me, isn’t it? Note: this is all very tongue and cheek. 😉

Spring 11 sold well and I can happily say we booked 20+ new accounts for the Spring line!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!  The collection is currently in production and will be shipping in February and I can’t wait to see how it sells.  Honestly, I think this was our best collection to date and hope that it is well received by consumers.

Other than that we have been busy promoting the collection – we recently partnered with Grows Up a super fun recently launched site that showcases small, up and coming boutique lines.  So if you are looking for something unique and ethically produced pop on over to the site pronto – you won’t be sorry!

Other news – we will be partnering with the Mini Social for our first ever Flash Sale!  Save the date for December 7 and be sure to check out our sale goodies marked down to 40% off retail prices.  Seriously, great deals are up for grabs and just in time for the holidays.  Treat your tiny fashionista to a few pieces from our Fall collection, perfect Christmas pressies.  Or check out our dresses which I must admit would be perfect for holiday pics.

Last but not least, as Thanksgiving just passed and I definitely took some time to reflect on all that I am thankful for in regards to the business.   To name a few – I want to thank my accounts (first and foremost) for taking a chance on a new collection and believing in us!  I will always be grateful! 🙂  Next off, thanks to my sales reps – I truly appreciate all of your efforts.  Let’s not forget our sourcing partners: Alice, Kirk, Jamie – you guys ROCK!  Last but not least, anyone and everyone who has purchased a Little Pea piece – thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And on that (possible) sappy but (truly) sincere note – I am off.

Back soon for a follow up post…I promise. 🙂




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